electrical safety

Streamlining Maintenance Practices To Prevent Injuries, Fires, And Explosions

Florida companies need to streamline their operations to prevent possible work-related injuries. For companies that use high-voltage equipment, these injuries could be the results of fires or explosions. When high-voltage equipment malfunctions, there is a higher probability of an arc flash. These conditions could kill a worker in a matter of minutes due to excessive temperatures. Local arc flash study Florida offer strategies through training to streamline maintenance practices that could reduce these fatalities and injuries.

Streamlining Fault Current Analysis

These evaluations relate specifically to areas within the machinery in which current passes. They include the switchboard, panel, and feeder in most equipment. The maintenance staff must conduct the analysis to determine if any inadequacies exist within fault currents. The staff must follow the diagrams for each piece of equipment based on its manufacturer's instructions.

What is an Electric Shock Hazard Study?

The study identifies the fault current for all leads inside the machinery. It defines the risk of electric shock possible for each portion of the equipment. The maintenance staff should maintain labels for the machinery to determine what boundaries could present a hazard if or when they perform repairs. By knowing these boundaries immediately, the company reduces the onset of avoidable injuries. The maintenance staff reviews these concepts during arc flash safety training Florida.

Setting Up Boundary Restrictions Effectively

The consultant shows the workers how to set up boundaries to establish shock protection. The protocol required for these boundaries restricts non-qualified workers from entering these areas. At any time that it is necessary over the course of their job duties to cross into these areas, they must have a qualified individual navigate the area with them. This reduces the potential for injury based on entrance into high hazard areas.

What is an Arch Safety Study?

This study is also a vital part of arc flash training Florida. It provides data about specific areas of the building pertaining to the potential of an arc flash. It also helps the company identify what protective gear is needed to enter these areas. The information prevents workers from placing themselves at risk due to inadequate protection.

Arc Flash Consultants provide detailed information for companies and their workers through safety training. These concepts apply to work spaces in which high-voltage machinery is used. Each member of the maintenance staff must undergo training to reduce the potential of injuries and fatalities. Companies that wish to participate in these strategies should contact a consultant now.